Granger Sonny Hays-Eberts is organizing this fundraiser to benefit Willamette Community and Grange Hall Historic Building Foundation.

The roof replacement project for the Willamette Community and Grange Hall began in August and we’re already looking forward to the next major step in restoring this historic structure.

The walls will be stable. The leaks will stop. That is a massive step.

Now, we need to upgrade the old electrical system. While it will not be as expensive, nor as extensive as the roof, we need to move the main box and add a secondary box in addition to re-wiring the building and ensuring a safe electrical system. The estimated cost of this project, made several years ago, is $70,000.

We thank you for your donations and support on this journey as we restore this magnificent structure.

Please visit the GoFundMe to help support the Grange hall!